Monopoly Back to the Future


Het is dertig jaar geleden dat Marty McFly voor het eerst terugkeerde naar Hill Valley in de jaren 1950.

Reis in dit unieke Monopoly-bordspel en bezoek de stad door de eeuwen heen – van het Wilde Westen tot de alternatieve toekomst van Biff Tannen. Dit wordt zwaar. ‘s Werelds beste familiebordspel brengt je weer een spannende editie van MONOPOLY – Back to the Future. Reis naar de toekomst en terug met Marty McFly

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Monopoly Back to the future

Monopoly Back to the future

Its thirty years since Marty McFly first went back to Hill Valley in the 1950s.

Travel in this unique Monopoly board game visiting the town across the ages – from the Wild West to the alternate future generated by Biff Tannen. This is getting heavy. The world’s best family board game brings you another exciting edition of MONOPOLY – Back to the Future. Travel to the future and back with Marty McFly

The game monopoly is one of the best-selling board games in the world.

It is available in 26 languages. Since 1935, the year the game was released by Parker Brothers, more than 200 million copies have been sold. Special editions are also regularly published.

The object of the game is to build a monopoly, which players can do by buying up as many streets as possible. Any player who resides on a street must pay rent to the owner of that street. The streets are grouped into groups (color groups) of three (or two) streets. In many foreign versions they are streets in the capital of the country, but often they are also streets in different cities, which makes the group division more logical.

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